About us

Our history

We make IoT that works. We put things online to monitor and control if they break, need service or someone has to be alarmed.

COSESY = COmmunicating SEcure SYstems. This is our name from before IoT was born. 

Our team, experience and turn-key toolbox is used in 50+ products and by more than 20.000 people. 

We have customers in security, safety, smart home and smart buildings. COSESY customers shall expect lower investments and faster results. Our customers only have to point at their needs and then COSESY will fill in the blanks, from A to Z. Click here to view our code of conduct.

We are IoT specialists, some with 12 years of IoT experience. Our team is composed of people from leading tech companies like Terma, Bosch, Systematic and CSC. From industries such as automotive, energy, military, software, space and supply.

René Juul Winther

CEO & Partner

Lars L. Skrydstrup

CTO & Partner

Lene Winther

App & Partner